Pret A Manger has been focused on encouraging use of reusables through an industry leading discount which was doubled to 50p in January 2018. However, Pret  a Manger feel that there is also a need for a recycling solution to enable customers to enjoy our products on the go. The city wide campaign provides a great opportunity for Pret A Manger to trial cup recycling alongside widespread communications that will help create consumer awareness that coffee cups are recyclable and that we need everyone’s help to make a positive difference. A number of collection unit styles are being trialled across the shops in Leeds to see what will be most effective. The key success factors for these units are: 

> visibility to customers,

> encouraging recycling behavioural change, 

> operational ease for shop teams (emptying and cleaning)

> reducing contamination to provide a clean recycling stream

> the durability of the units

The bags of cups for recycling will be collected by Forge Recycling who are working in partnership with Pret A Manger and the #leedsbyexample campaign to ensure all cups collected are recycled in the UK.