Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The home page provides some quick figures on the number of cups recycled by the Scheme so far. It features a diagram on how paper cups are recycled. The about page shares information on how the National Cup Recycling Scheme has been developed, the brands that are involved and how it aims to make the collection of cups commercially attractive. It also includes a diagram on how the Scheme works.

If you are visiting the site as a consumer and would like to know where to take your cup so that it will be collected and taken for recycling then check out the where to recycle tab. This page includes a map: you can input your postcode and see the nearest cup recycling point to you.

If you are visiting the site as a business and would like to know how you can get cup recycling set up at your site then head to the how to recycle page. This page sets out the three main steps that you will need to consider: investing in a cup bin, finding a waste collector to collect your cups and sending them off for recycling. 

If you are a waste collector and interesting in collecting cups then visit the waste collectors tab for information on the collectors that are already signed up to the Scheme and how you can sign up to.

For updates on cup recycling please visit our "News" page.