The National Cup Recycling Scheme identified that paper cups can be recycled. In fact, they can be recycled up to seven times. Paper cups can be turned into several products such as shopping bags, product packaging and now notebooks too! Coffee Notes, part of Dorset-based company Epic Print, has been turning recycled paper cups into notebooks for well over a year now. Through working with James Cropper, Coffee Notes uses bespoke paper created through their CupCycling process to produce notebooks. These contain a high content of recycled paper cup, the mix is: 20% recycled paper cup post-consumer; 30% paper cup pre-consumer; 50% virgin fibre. This creates a closed loop solution for paper cups and better still, both the paper cup recycling and the making of the notebooks are happening in the UK. Coffee Notes create beautiful notebooks which raise awareness that paper cups can be recycled. The notebooks highlight the journey of the paper cup from containing a hot drink, through the recycling process and into a high-quality product. 2020 is set to be a promising year for Coffee Notes, who also use the recycled paper cup mix to create marketing materials including business cards