The Cup box User Guide

The Cup Box is a simple cup recycling solution launched to help businesses and office spaces recycle cups. 

The Cup Box is delivered flat packed.  Find out how to assemble the Cup Box by downloading the manual or following the instructions below.

Cup Box Step By Step Instruction Manual   

Take the piece of cardboard with the cup holes cut into it. Fold the 2 smaller edge pieces of cardboard upwards, so they are facing towards each other. 

Fold the larger 2 edges of cardboard over the top of the smaller edges and slide these pieces into the 2 cut out slots so that they are secured. Place this piece to one side for later..

Take the 4 pieces of cardboard which have 3 vertical slots cut into them. Hold 2 of the pieces upright, with the slots facing upwards. Take the other 2 pieces and hold them so the slots are facing downwards. 

 Slide the slots of the upwards facing pieces into the slots of the downwards facing pieces, so you should get a freestanding block which has 9 columns. Place this to the side for later..

Take the outer cardboard shell, which has the National Cup Recycling Scheme branding on and, with a hand on each of the shorter sides' corners, press down gently and slightly inward. Apply even pressure to both corners at the same time, this should cause the box to naturally rise and form shape. 

The branding should be facing upright. Fold the bottom four flaps inwards to form the base of the box. Taking the parcel tape and scissors, place tape along the join of the 2 outer flaps to secure them together. Use enough tape to make sure the base is sturdy.

Place the piece you made in step 2, with the columns for the cups, inside of the outer shell you have just made with the branding on. 

It should slide in easily and make 9 sections for the cups to be placed into.

Take the piece you made in step 1, with the cup holes cut into it, and place this over the top of the outer box, it should slot on top easily and line up so the cup holes are all over one of the columns. You will place the cups through the holes, and they will be collected in the columns.

The final piece of cardboard, which should be a small, flat piece of cardboard is needed once the box is full, so this needs to be kept safely until then. Once the box is full, remove the lid with the cup holes in it and place the small piece of cardboard on top of the cups. Replace the lid and secure with parcel tape. This will keep all of the cups in place and stop them from moving around during transportation.

Our Partners

First Mile

We have partnered with First Mile who will be arranging the delivery and collection of The Cup Box. First Mile are experienced waste collectors who have dealt with cup recycling for many years.


Valpak are a leading provider of environmental compliance and administrators of the National Cup Recycling Scheme.